A leaders study guide to the gold mine

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  • A leaders study guide to the gold mine

A Leader's Study Guide to The Gold Mine

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Snel overzicht Study Guide to The Gold Mine
Ideally, we would all learn how to implement a lean transformation by going to the gemba, where a skilled sensei would stand by our side, helping us observe and understand how our entire team defines success -- at planning, executing, and evolving our strategy. This seasoned veteran would help us reflect on our experience, and work with the team on generating new knowledge and continuous improvement. Unfortunately, senseis are in short supply today, and there aren't enough models of transformation that provide an insider's view of how lean initiatives really work. Where can we find guidance in leading a team through a lean transformation?

The Lean Enterprise Institute book, The Gold Mine: A Novel of Lean Transformation, sheds light on how lean managers can address the many challenges to rolling out systematic change. This companion product, A Leader's Study Guide to The Gold Mine, is designed to help lean leaders support their teams as they work through the process of learning lean from the ground up. A growing number of management teams in the lean community have been inviting members to read The Gold Mine and apply its insights and information to their own transformation.

The Lean Enterprise Institute has developed this reader's guide to make these discussions even richer. With its chapter summaries, suggested discussion points, and recommended resources, perhaps the guide can even provide just a little sensei wisdom as well.
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Auteur(s) Tom Ehrenfeld, Michael Ballé
Aantal bladzijden 55
Taal Engels
ISBN 9780976315285
Uitgever Lean Enterprise Institute, Inc.