Lean Houses for Dragons
Lean Houses for Dragons

Lean Houses for Dragons

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Published by the Lean Global Network (LGN), a management publishing and training
nonprofit with 32 branches around the world, Lean Houses for Dragons is an
informative, heart-warming story about tapping into the full potential of employees. It
is a must-read for managers and executives in the automotive and retail and service
sectors and continuous improvement professionals in any business.

Readers of Lean Houses for Dragons will learn:

  • How humble leadership can win over naysayers and resistance to change even in the most challenging of environments, helping the organization succeed.
  • How Lean Thinking enabled Sharon and her team at Ngami to double profit in just two years, helping the business expand and open a new branch in Kasane.
  • Why respect for people lies at the heart of Lean Thinking and how using as a compass is key to lead a successful transformation.
  • How people can be an endless source of creative ideas, if only they are given the chance to raise problems.
  • Why Lean doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. This story proves that everyone can become a lean thinker, no matter how hard their personal circumstances might be.
  • Why Lean applies to any human endeavor and can support the turnaround of any organization.

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AUTEUR(S) Sharon Visser
TAAL Engels
ISBN 9780578992723
UITGEVER Lean Global Network